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Increff is Gartner Cool Vendor in Retail

Change is here and INCREFF is leading it.
Retail has been an ever-evolving industry that has upgraded and strengthened with each disruptive change. Such disruptions pose multiple challenges with opportunities for innovation. The recent pandemic has not only accelerated digitalization but also exposed system deficiencies, highlighting the need for preparedness and resilience.

According to a recent Yourstory report, Flipkart-owned fashion retailer Myntra witnessed an 86% rise in customers during its popular EORS this year. It processed more than 8,000 orders per minute and recorded a 30% growth in yearly traffic. This is a phenomenal performance by a fashion retailer considering the current economic slowdown. This shopping shift from offline to online has defined a new role for retail stores.

Increff named Gartner Cool Vendor in Retail: Meeting Customer Basic Expectations Is More Important Than Ever

Why Increff is Cool

An interesting personalized interaction at a store adds far more value than an online sale. Retailers must ensure physical touchpoints are leveraging technologies that create relevant assortments and product availabilities to build a memorable experience. Thus, the key to retail differentiation is intelligent merchandising and Increff helps achieve that.

Increff’s retail merchandising solution uses algorithms and data analysis to predict pre-season and in-season smart assortment plans, an ideal buy plan, and a distribution plan for each store.

As we realize our interconnectivity with the ecosystem, we understand that assortment planning can no longer be limited to the pre-season stage but must also include in-season analysis and execution. It requires significant refinement of assortments using big data, both historical and near real-time, with advanced analytics and algorithmic approaches, to create store-specific assortments that mirror the buying pattern of distinct customer segments.

As one of the key players in the retail tech Industry, Increff Merchandising Solution helps fashion brands & retailers increase sales by providing an intelligent and highly accurate merchandising planning platform. It helps fashion merchandisers and retailers take pre-season and in-season decisions like what, when, and how much to buy and where to showcase inventory with 100+ customizable patent-pending algorithms. It facilitates retailers to create store-specific assortments that meet customer needs while intelligently limiting excess production.

Retailers need to urgently automate legacy processes that consume time, bring inaccuracies, or fail to deliver corrective actions, to enhance speed and augment human activity.