Increff Cloud Warehousing

Outsource warehousing and e-commerce fulfillment with Zero upfront cost and a cloud-based WMS technology

Enable seamless warehouse management and lower your supply chain cost with fully managed distributed warehousing and fulfillment services.


No. of warehouses managed


No. of pieces of live inventory across all brands


B2B & B2C orders processed to date


BAU order fulfillment across all brands


SLA during period of high order flow over 24hrs.

Warehousing & Fulfillment Made Simple

Zero capital expenditure and the flexibility to scale as required

Eliminate the headache of managing multiple 3PLs

100% inventory accuracy at the bin level with unique piece barcoding

~99.9% order fulfillment within SLA with automated picklist generation and digitized processes

100% inventory exposure across all sales channels with a real-time inventory order sync (within 30 sec))

~50% reduction in manpower cost by eliminating the need for multiple audits, manual data entries, reworks, etc.

Increff has made our direct-to-consumer e-commerce journey simple and easy. A great combination of practical knowledge, backed by sound technology and a team which is operation-centric. Our e-commerce business is growing multiple X’s backed on same.


Sanjay Roy

Executive Director Sales & Sales Operation, Puma Sports India

Benefits Of Outsourced Warehousing

Reduce inventory carrying costs

  • Leading to faster deliveries to end consumers, lower logistics cost, better NPS, and higher visibility on marketplaces.

Build sustainable supply chains

  • Demand-wise regional distribution of inventory builds flexibility in business and reduces carbon footprints by limiting transportation.

Spend less time in warehouse operations

  • Focus on core operations, free up time from handling warehousing operations to managing more strategic tasks.
  • Eliminate the need for hiring or training new staff, during peak season sales

Keep up with technology

  • Constantly benefit from technology upgrades that happen from time to time free of cost.

Reduce operational risk

  • Outsource critical operations like managing people, processes, and costs
  • Respond quickly to changing demand patterns and market opportunities with distributed warehousing

Cut down overhead costs

  • Move warehousing operations from a fixed CapEx to a more flexible way of managing expense depending on the market requirements
  • Pay-per-use inventory storage option, with no upfront licensing fee

A single view of all warehouses

  • Get visibility of all warehouses on a single screen for easy and regular process monitoring to drive efficiency and improve productivity.
  • Integrate with multiple marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, and ERPs for seamless multi-channel order fulfillment

Warehouse powered by Cloud based WMS

  • Provide new-age backend technology to manage inventory accurately through unique piece barcoding, improve order fulfillment within SLA, and boost the Rate of Sale on multiple channels.
  • Streamline warehouse operations and meet marketplace SLAs with easy to use and implement WMS

Agility & Flexibility to scale operations

  • Scale warehousing and distribution with anywhere, anytime in less than 7 days.
  • Build flexibility for easy scalability by changing storage space and location as per requirement

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"Your data is hosted in your region as per the regional data security regulations GDPR and PDPB. We ensure highest levels of data encryption."

Improve inventory efficiency throughout the supply chain with smart merchandising and warehouse automation.

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