Increff Returns Management

Returns process simplified

When retail is omnichannel, make omnichannel returns processing hassle-free and streamlined.

Increase margins as you build brand loyalty by benefitting customers and suppliers with transparent, efficient, 100% traceable and convenient returns management.


Grow your topline and bottom line by faster restocking and automated returns processing

Drive sustainability by minimizing environmental damage from returns

Get started in 10 minutes with flexible deployment and country-wide processing


Increff Returns Management, a digitally advanced tool, is designed to handle returns efficiently. It is a fast, accurate, reliable, and user-friendly platform, especially crafted for omnichannel businesses. Some of the essential features are:

Automated SaaS tool

  • Web-based, Cloud hosted
  • Omnichannel
  • Data powered
  • Streamlined return processing
  • Automated decision-making

Quality Graded Returns

  • Segregate returned items into refurbished, rejected & resaleable
  • Tag reason for all QC Fail items along with their photographs
  • Process excess return items with ease

100% Traceability

  • Zero chances of mixing
  • Print appropriate labels for tagging
  • Complete visbility of items being returned to improve planning and execution

Rapid Re-commerce

  • Instant listing of quality passed returned goods back on your sales channels
  • Reduce sales loss opportunity

Faster SPF Claims

  • Easy SPF (Seller Protection Fund) claims processing
  • Capture multiple photographs of the returned item
  • Select the fail reason from a list of predefined reasons
  • Quick reconciliation with marketplaces

Optimize Resale Value

  • Use data fail reason to appropriately monetize returned items
  • Increase value in secondary market

Built-in Reports

  • 100% data visibility
  • Returns data contains a wealth of business intelligence from the supplier’s and the customer’s side
  • Robust return reporting helps create detection and prevention strategies that directly impact the bottom line

Multi-warehouse Returns

  • Returns can be processed through multiple warehouses or stores
  • No operational chaos and improved performance by unifying data across the returns lifecycle

Multi-system integration

  • Quick, standard and custom integrations
  • Seamless integration with just 2 APIs

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"Your data is hosted in your region as per the regional data security regulations GDPR and PDPB. We ensure the highest levels of data encryption."