Increff Order Management System

Single window for inventory transparency & order management

Extend intelligence and visibility across all sales channels
to enable omnichannel fulfillment from stores.



Reduction in the number of shipments and distance


Lower logistics costs

15-30 sec

Near real-time inventory order sync


buffer stock, no scope of excess orders

Increff OMS Capabilities

Create a consistent, cohesive brand experience by expanding inventory beyond store boundaries.

Get complete control over inventory, with 100% transparency and real-time visibility

  • Track, view, and manage inventory levels across offline and online sales channels
  • Ensure 100% inventory accuracy to avoid shrinkage, mispicks, and inventory theft 
  • Promote best-performing SKUs based on regional demand to optimize inventory levels at each location

Prioritize and manage orders efficiently

  • Single-view management window for order capturing, processing, tracking, and fulfillment
  • Create fulfillment clusters and intelligently route / split orders to the nearest store
  • Enable intelligent store hopping (automated/manual) to fulfill orders in the shortest time
  • Algorithm-based data-driven decision-making to guarantee faster, efficient operations

Easy integrations

  • Expand storefront with robust marketplace integrations such as: Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Big Commerce, Namshi, Shopping Cart, Rakuten, Squarespace, WooCommerce, etc. 
  • Strong tech support to prevent downtimes and loss in sales opportunities 

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