Making mass market same-day delivery a trend

Taking a step ahead toward Q-commerce, the Indian retail industry has evolved rapidly in the last few years. Moving away from the traditional 5-7 days delivery timeline, customers can now expect delivery within a few hours. Here’s how technology is uplifting the overall customer experience and allowing them to confidently place a greater premium on convenience and comfort.

Technological advancements now enable digitization and automation in the supply chain, thus transforming the retail shopping landscape drastically. Customers now view online and offline shopping as a fluid, integrated experience, making the last mile the greatest enabler for faster fulfillment. Omnichannel retailers can now leverage their store networks to change gears and expedite order delivery to improve the shopping experience. 

Download the e-book to take a look at some of the more critical factors that have transformed the traditional 5-7 days order delivery cycle to merely a few hours. Learn how Q-Commerce (Quick Commerce) is not just limited to grocery delivery but is spreading to all aspects of retail, at a rapid scale. 

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