Easy multi-channel deployment


decrease in response times for topics created in 30 days


increase in engagement among community users


increase in active community “champions”


Gainsight had ambitious goals for their community. David Derington, Manager of Success for Administrators at Gainsight, explained: “We wanted to engage with our Community users more by creating a dialogue with them to learn not just their problems, but
also their needs.”

A community with active, enriched participants generated greater complexity for managers. Unfortunately, Gainsight’s old community tool lacked the necessary capabilities for this new vision. The company needed technology
that would give them a scalable way to improve response times and increase engagement with this critical customer base.


Gainsight turned to Sprinklr Modern Engagement and Sprinklr Community to help both managers and customers collaborate on organic, growing, and insightful conversations.

Improved response time

In order to drive engagement, Gainsight first needed to free up time to address all of its users’ questions and comments.

Evan Luberda, community manager at Gainsight, used to spend an hour trying to answer a single question. He first had to track down the question and attempt to answer it, but if he couldn’t, he needed to find a relevant
subject matter expert (SME) who could.

But Sprinklr Community’s intuitive management interface lets Gainsight create a process that dramatically cuts down manual labor. Luberda can quickly find SMEs in an easy-to-use list that’s stored directly in Gainsight.
Furthermore, he can reference complex, unanswered questions in an easy-to-access database. Also, thanks to an integration with Zendesk, Sprinklr Community can now push any unanswered SME questions to support.

500+ employees
United States
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