The Retail Inventory Optimization Platform

Join us at NRF Converge as we showcase our cloud-based innovative tech-solutions, that enable retailers bring incredible efficiency to inventory management and order fulfillment.

Increff empowers resilient retailing that adapts to the ever-changing consumer behaviors, and expectations, through best-in-class merchandise planning, allocation, and warehousing solutions.

We help fashion brands and retailers:

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve margins
  • Increase sales velocity

Impact delivered

We handle complexities at scale for retailers to deliver impactful results in a short time

3x - 4x Increase in e-commerce revenue by exposing 100% inventory across all sales channels

10% Improvement in margins by displaying the right product, at right price and right location, every time

71% increase in Rate of Sales and 6% increase in margins within 14 days of implementation

Solutions for Inventory Optimization

Dynamic Pricing

Basis a style’s ongoing performance and stock status, the smart algorithm recommends if it is an outperformer and should be re-ordered, or if the current discount should be increased or decreased.

  • Price elasticity and brand-category level guardrails for discounting and reordering
  • True ROS ™ of healthy size-set, when compared to others
  • Current discounting
  • Aging of style
  • The present health of the style


World’s simplest and most efficient web-based multi-channel order fulfillment (OMS) and warehouse management (WMS) platform. Designed specifically for fashion & lifestyle brands, Assure provides a single view of inventory across all marketplaces and a seamless order inventory sync in less than 30 sec.

  • Expose 100% inventory simultaneously to all sales channels leading to a 2-3x increase in sales.
  • 100% remote onboarding and Deployment in less than 7 days
  • Lower manpower cost by 20-25%


IRIS is an end-to-end merchandising platform helping merchandisers take pre-season and in-season decisions like what, when, and how much to buy and where to showcase inventory via 100+ customizable patent-pending algorithms designed specifically for fashion and lifestyle business.

  • Smart assortment plan: identity top sellers and NOOS
  • Regional Utilization: Intelligently split inventory based on regional demand
  • Inter-store transfers: Prevent extra buying and utilize inventory redistribution between stores
  • Business Intelligence: Offers a wide range of dashboards to review business performance and take focused action

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"Your data is hosted in your region as per the regional data security regulations GDPR and PDPB. We ensure the highest levels of data encryption."

The next generation solution to all of fashion's order fulfillment and warehouse management needs is here.