Warehouse Management System

Comprehensive Inventory, Order & Warehouse Management Solution

World’s simplest and most efficient web-based multi-channel order fulfillment and warehouse management platform. Designed specifically for fashion & lifestyle brands, Assure provides a single view of inventory across all marketplaces and a seamless order inventory sync in less than 30 sec.

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warehouses being operated on Assure


Number of pieces of live inventory across all brands


B2B and B2C orders processed till date


Business as usual order fulfillment across all clients


Unfuflilled orders during high volume order periods


These results are hard to believe but easy to achieve when you are Assured.

Expose 100% inventory simultaneously to all sales channels leading to 2-3x increase in sales

100% remote onboarding and Deployment in less than 7 days

One of the World’s largest sportswear brands reduced inventory holding from >110 days to < 65 days

A large UAE based multinational conglomerate upscaled 20X after being onboarded on Assure remotely.

One of India’s largest textile manufacturers witnessed a 300% boost in revenue, within 6 months of onboarding, and a FAssured and Amazon Prime badge for quality in online fulfillment.

One of India’s leading women’s ethnic wear brand GRNed 0.5 Million pieces within a record 15 days before EORS and dispatched ~170K pieces in 7 days, within SLA.


Easy Operations

  • Pen-less, paper-less, keyword-less processes
  • Allow B2B and B2C order processing from the same platform. 
  • High picking efficiency with consolidated picking and intelligent pick-paths.
  • Ease of deployment runs on any device with chrome browser
  • 100% foolproof, no human decision making involved.
  • Display product picture during GRN, Picking, and Packing

100% first-time-right operations

  • 100% scan based with UPB integration for complete tracking. 
  • Individual-level performance monitoring
  • 99.9% accuracy, no Audit / Cycle count required
  • 99.9% order fulfillment within SLA

Manpower Management

  • Lower manpower cost by 20-25%
  • Less dependency on skilled labour
  • Train employees in 5 mins – high productivity starting from day one. 
  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • It’s automation without robots as it’s quick to deploy and easy to learn

Built for scale

  • Smart, versatile, robust system designed for 100K+ dispatches per day per warehouse
  • High warehouse storage space utilization
  • Dedicated machines enable easy ramp-up
  • Enterprise-grade data security through cloud

Multi-system integration

  • Marketplaces, ERPs
  • Brands own eCommerce website
  • Ecommerce platforms, Salesforce
  • Logistics Management Systems
  • Warehouse Control Systems
  • Store Omni-Channel

Single System for end-to-end operations

  • Channel Integration – Fastest smart formula based inventory exposure across multiple sales channels.
  • Inventory management System – 100% inventory exposure. Complete trackability. Accurate return reconciliation at PO level, invoice level, and box level. 
  • Order management – Order prioritization based on SLA and channel type. Multi-warehousing, Stock-transfer, sales order, and purchase order handling.
  • Reporting System – 50+ insightful & actionable reports. Customized BI Dashboards for each stakeholder level.

Seamless Integration

Quick, standard and custom integrations with leading Fashion Retail ERPs, marketplaces, logistics systems and omnichannel portals

Have questions? Get in touch with us and we'll walk you through it. sales@increff.com

"Your data is hosted in your region as per the regional data security regulations GDPR and PDPB. We ensure highest levels of data encryption."

The next generation solution to all of fashion's order fulfillment and warehouse management needs is here.

Faster deployment, efficient operations

Live inventory-order sync

Easy multi-channel deployment

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