Dynamic Markdown

Manage your mark-downs and product pricing efficiently

The ideal tool to help you automate pricing or reordering of bestsellers at the desired frequency at the store or point of sales level. Dynamically increase or decrease discounts for the right set of styles. Automate re-ordering of out-performers based on sales trends to improve revenue and margins, across all points of sales.


Automate data-driven decision-making by taking granular scientific inputs, at a store-level, to deliver concrete measurable output.

71% Rate of Sale (ROS) improvement with only 10% discount increment for low ROS styles at the offline stores.

~6% margin improvement for fast movers at online Points of Sale.

2x increase in the frequency of decision making. Helping teams shift from making monthly discounting decisions to making them every 14 days.


Reduce sales loss and improve margins by selling products at the right price, to the right customer at their choice of the sales channel.

Recommend the right discount percentage for the right product

  • Boost sales and revenue
  • Access important factors of a style, like True ROS™, availability, health, stock cover, age, etc. to identify items that need to be discounted
  • Identity fast movers to cut discounts and earn higher margins
  • Cap discounting on slow movers to prevent devaluation, if the price reduction is not having an impact on sales

Reorder bestseller for better sales

  • Identify fast movers or suggest designs that should be kept longer on shelves
  • Determine a style’s true sales potential by correcting for unavailability and liquidation scenarios 
  • Account for lead time and minimize sales loss when suggesting reorder quantities 
  • Calculate the right quantity that needs to be reordered for the desired shelf life – 60 days or 90 days to improve overall margins

Business intelligence dashboards

  • Intuitive custom-designed insightful reports to track and monitor results 
  • Flexibility to run at different levels and groups of sales channels or stores
  • Custom grouping of styles for analysis allowing multiple groups within the same category
  • Successfully handle in-season, Event, and Old season liquidation scenarios

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