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Revenue Split Module


This module is to find exact quantities and options that you need to procure to meet the demand predicted by the Ideal Assortment Module

While the Ideal Assortment Module captures the predicted demand at a % basis, this module gives you exact numbers based on your AOP (Annual Operating Plan). AOP defines the revenue target of the store.

What it churns out is a following output:

Given my AOP, for every month, what should be the exact quantity I need to buy in each cluster for every size. Further how many options I should have in each cluster, to show enough variety to my customers ?

Algo Parameters

No parameters required for this module

Required Modules

You must have run the following modules, before running this module

  • Sales Data Cleanup
  • Top Seller
  • Assortment

File Formats

Please see the File Formats page for file formats

Important Notes

The system cannot predict revenue for each store, but only the right % mix that should be there. This is because for most businesses, the revenue targets keep changing on a quarterly, yearly basis. And, this is because their business environment (market forces) and objectives (profitability, capex, opex etc. keeps changing. Thus, AOP is required as an input (and is not predicted by the system).

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