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B2B Plus B2C Invoicing

If you are selling on marketplaces via an aggregator, e.g. CloudTail or Ajio, then in such cases

  • The aggregator becomes the seller on marketplaces.
  • The aggregator must raise a Purchase Order (PO) to you.
  • Then you need to raise an invoice to aggregator.
  • The invoice to consumer goes in the name of aggregator

Note: The aggregator must have an APOB (Additional Place of Business) in your warehouse.

Assure is just a fulfillment technology and not a financial accounting system. So to that extent

No changes are required to enabled this this workflow in the system

There is no requirement to transfer inventory within Assure from the brand’s books to aggregator’s books

How to automate this workflow?

  • A B2C order is received in Assure
  • Picking happens in Assure.
  • While packing, Assure makes a create invoice call to marketplace
    • The aggregator raises a B2B PO to your ERP for that order
    • You raise a B2B invoice to aggregator against that PO for that order
  • Assure receives the B2C invoice (from aggregator to consumer)
  • Assure prints this invoice, packs and dispatches the order to consumer

Note: In case the aggregator does not have a mechanism to send PO and receive a B2B invoice from your ERP, then this works will need to be done manually, on a daily basis. You will have all downloadable reports from Assure to support the same.

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