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Warehouse Planning

Manpower Allocation

  • Inward productivity – 800 per person for 8 hours
  • Picking productivity – 500 per person for 8 hours
  • Packing / invoicing productivity – 350 per person for 8 hours
  • Put-away productivity – 250 boxes per person for 8 hours
  • 1 ~ 2 workstations for manifest
  • 1 ~ 2 workstations for handover

Workstations Checks

  • User should always access Assure HTTPS URL shared by Increff team instead of HTTP. Using HTTP This causes login failures.
  • One user should login to one system at a time. Logging into different systems with same username will result in frequent logout issues.
  • Internet (WiFi) should have a stable connection and speed
  • Make sure Google Chrome browser is updated to latest version such as v75+.
  • Make sure all the URLs are opened using HTTPS protocol.
  • Print App (Java app) should be able to start and run without any issues.
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