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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The WMS is a highly sophisticated piece of software that

  • Optimizes warehouse from storage
  • Reduces the need of workers, by optimizing operations also (put-away picking, packing etc )
  • Achieves ~100% inventory accuracy
  • Is extremely simply to use – 95% tasks are simply scan based.
  • Most of the tasks can be run on the mobile-phones, HHTs – ensuring maximum mobility for workers.

Some of the key features are provided below.

WMS Screenshot

To see full sized image, right click on the image, and select Open image in new tab


  • Show MRP, color, size and product photo, for inward QC
  • Create a unique item-id bar-code for each peace
  • Have separate bins for QC Pass and QC Fail items
  • Do not allow mixing of QC Pass and QC Fail items
  • Map item-id to a bin-id


  • Show empty location for put-away
  • Put-away by scanning bin-id to a location-id.

Picking Management

For B2C

  1. Specify wave size and channel priority for picking
  2. Prioritize B2C orders for picking based on order SLA times
  3. Show aisle wise pick-pendency, so that warehouse manager can utilize manpower
  4. Multiple pickers can pick all items in a wave simultaneously

For B2B

  1. For B2B, specify the order to be picked.
  2. Multiple pickers can pick all items of that order simultaneously


  • Allow user to scan any location-id, and system starts giving picks for items closest to that location
  • Show MRP, color, size and photo to picker, for accurate picking
  • Allow items to be marked as not-found. In this case the system provides another location to a suitable picker, to pick this product.


  • B2C
    • Show MRP, color, size and photo, for accurate packing
    • For B2C, automatically print Invoice and shipping label without user needing to click on any button
    • For B2C, clearly display all items in an order in two categories
      • All items scanned on the packing desk
      • All items pending scan on
  • B2B
    • Create outward boxes.
    • Show MRP, color, size and photo, for accurate packing
    • Map each item to a box
    • Automatically created box wise packing lists.


  • B2B
    • Use of series to create invoice numbers
    • B2B invoicing done in only few minutes, by scanning packed boxes
    • Support GST values.
  • B2C
    • B2C invoicing is done by the e-commerce portal

Operations & Recycle Desk 

  • For B2B, display Outward Box ID for a packed item
  • For B2C, display Channel and Order ID 
  • Mark empty location by scanning location
  • Show last 3 numbers on barcode in big font so that picking is fast

Pigeon Holes

Pigeon holes are like a mini storage area, which help to combine items in a multi-item B2C order.

  • System automatically assigns a pigeon hole to a multi-item B2C order
  • Upon scanning and item, system suggests the pigeon hole to put it in
  • When combination is complete, a picker can deliver the full order to the packing desk.

Handover / Manifest

For B2C

  • Automatically create manifest from all packed items, based on transporter and channel.
  • Show AWB no. and bar-code in handover document

Returns Processing

The system can accept returns against return orders (against a channel generated Return Order). There are features to

  • Mark return items as QC Fail or QC Pass, along with reason
  • Take product pictures at the time of return

Printing / Bar-coding

System supports a variety of printing devices, and can print all kinds of document:

  • invoices
  • packing-lists
  • manifests
  • handover documents
  • location bar-codes
  • bin bar-codes
  • outward box bar-codes
  • item-id bar-codes
  • gift labels
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