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The system comes with an completely exhaustive set of reports, for all your business and operational requirements. .

Reports Screenshot

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Standard Reports (Sample)

Here are a few reports and their functionality. Note that this is just a sample set of reports, the product contains many more reports.

Report NameDescription
Inward Report at PO SKU Level – OMSThis contains GRN data at sku level for a given PO date range.
B2B Outward SKU wise report – OMSThis contains complete data at SKU level for all the B2B outward invoices getting created in Increff system. It also has data like tax information, lifecycle times(creation, packed etc)
Orders status Reports – OMSFor all the Outward orders, this report has all the details at Order level. This has entire order lifecycle details along with status wise split for items in order
SLA Breached and Unfulfillable OrdersThis report shows the count of unfulfillable orders and SLA breached orders summary for today grouped by channel
Top SellersThis report has top selling styles. Addition information includes ROS, inventory availability, discount information
Channel Inventory Exposure Summary – CIMSThis report gives overall summary of total SKUs, quantities exposed to each channel. Additional information includes % of inventory exposed, % of SKUs listed/not listed
Productivity Report – WMSThis report gives, for every user, productivity on daily basis. Productivity includes seeing items getting picked, packed, grned per user
Return Order Report SKU Wise – OMSThis report has SKU level data, linked forward order data for every return getting processed
Bin & SKU level Inventory Snapshot – WMSFor every bin, it gives location, SKU count, QC, allocation information
Inventory Ageing – WMSFor every available SKU in warehouse, this report shows how many of them are less than 30 days old, 31-60 days old till greater than 180 days old. Also it has sale count for last 15 days
Bin Locations Report – WMSFor all locations in WMS, this report tells the id of bin if it is occupied. One can also see list of empty locations here
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