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Order Management System (OMS)


The OMS module performs the following functions

  • Creation of masters
    • Legal entities
    • Warehouse locations
    • Product master
    • B2B clients
  • Uploading of B2B Inward Orders
    • Purchase Orders (PO)
    • Stock Transfers (ST)
  • Uploading of B2B Outward Orders, and allocating inventory to it
    • Sales Order (SO)
    • Stock Transfers (ST)
  • Receiving of B2C Orders (from market places), and allocating inventory to it
  • Keeping track of inventory, warehouse wise
    • GRN quantity
    • QC Pass , QC Fail quantity
    • Lost quantity
    • Allocation of inventory

OMS Screenshot

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Inventory Allocation

Inventory allocation, and release to WMS for picking is done automatically. This is based on the fulfillment type which can be given to an order

  • FULLY_FULFILLABLE – Allocate inventory and allow picking only when all items are available
  • PARTIALLY_FULLFILLABLE – Allocate inventory and allow picking even if partial quantity is fulfillable
  • ALLOCATE_UNTILL_FULLFILLABLE – Allocate inventory but do not allow picking till order is fully fulfillable

OMS will automatically keep trying to allocate more inventory to partially fulfillable or unfulfillable orders, till it is closed or cancelled.

Digital Inventory Pools

This feature allows user to reserve inventory digitally. For .e.g once can digitally reserve inventory for a specific marketplace, or for specific purposes (like offline distributors or exports).

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