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Channel Integration Management System (CIMS)

A channel is either an ERP or a Market Place. The CIMS module allows OMS to be integrated with channels. It performs the following key tasks of communication b/w OMS and a channel.

  • Receiving new masters, updates in masters from channel
  • Sending partial inventory updates to channel (as and when GRN or inventory allocation happens)
  • Receiving new orders and order-updates
  • Creation of invoice, AWB and manifest
  • Receiving return orders
  • Daily full inventory sync

Channel Configuration

One can easily configure a channel for integration using the CIMS UI. The following information needs to be supplied.

  • Channel credentials (this can be obtained from the market places)
  • Mappings
    • Assure warehouse-id to channel warehouse-id mapping
    • Assure product-id to channel product-id mapping
    • Assure channel-id to ERP customer-id mapping (in case of ERP integration)
  • Inventory exposure buffer (say 1 or 2) to expose lesser inventory than available. So if buffer is 1, and available inventory is 3, then only 2 pieces will be sent to the channel. This is useful in peak sales periods, where the chances of excess orders are high.

You can easily enable/disable inventory sync and order sync with a channel.


The system automatically stores last 10 inventory updates with the channels, so that in case there is any inventory discrepancy, then it be easily diagnosed.

CIMS Screenshot

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