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API Overview

Setting Up

  • Go through the documentation of Assure Magic 
  • E-mail to our support team for exchange of credentials 
  • Implement required APIs at your end
  • Test your APIs in staging environment
  • Once APIs are developed and tested, please repeat the above process to go live in the production system


  • REST Synchronous calls 
  • JSON format

API Invocation

Following headers need to be provided (unless otherwise stated). The credentials will be provided to you upon request.

  1. authUsername 
  2. authPassword 
  3. Content-Type: application/json

HTTP Status Codes and Bodies

  1. Both end points must use only following HTTP Status Codes
    1. 200: In case of success 
    2. 400: In case of bad request data
    3. 401: In case of authentication / authorization failure
    4. 404: In case of URL does not exist
    5. 500: In case of an Internal Server Error
  2. In case of a 400 or 500 error, following response body JSON should be used 
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