Increff WMS for Consumer Packaged Goods

Redefining operational agility and efficiency

Handle complex CPG warehouse challenges with robust WMS technology.

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Our Key Differentiators

Greater visibility and accuracy

  • Inventory tracking at all stages with serialization: carton, box or piece level as required
  • Support for multiple levels of UOM. Effectively expose 100% inventory across all sales channels, with zero buffer and real-time sync
  • Availability of both Minimum Quantity and Order Fulfillment based bulk break operations
  • System driven UOM allocation to minimize the number of item touches 
  • Fast dispatching to stores through efficient box in, box out operations

Expiry and Tolerances based Inventory Management

  • Capability to define GRN tolerance for every SKU, to determines whether this batch is acceptable for GRN
  • Raise expiration alerts before actual expiry based on the Alert tolerance
  • Fully support for FEFO (First Expiry first Out) based operations 
  • System generated Unique Item stickers that captures expiry dates based on batch number, even if it's in the same bin. Helping the picker with visual cues to pick the right products every time.
  • Sales Channel and SKU level tolerance for hiding products crossing tolerance from marketplaces, allowing only products with a enough shelf life to be available for outwards. 
  • Support for Return tolerance to automatically marks products as QC fail if tolerance is crossed

Maximize operational efficiencies

  • Single end-to-end system for inventory management, order management and channel integrations. 
  • Multiple processes (for example GRN, QC and Bin Putaway) all consolidated in a single step
  • 100% scan-based operations which leaves no room for guesswork and human errors
  • Increase picking accuracy – algorithm-driven optimized pick paths

Faster order fulfillment with 100% first-time-right operations

  • Order routing and splitting capability of OMS
  • Train employees in 5 mins: Easy UI
  • >99.5% Bin Level accuracy and 100% traceability
  • Capability of Virtual Bundling for B2C Combo

Make your warehouse your biggest competitive advantage

Why Choose Increff

  • Full real-time stock traceability, visibility & control
  • Faster inventory turnover
  • Optimized warehouse space
  • Improved auditing 
  • Increased labor productivity
  • Enhanced shipment management
  • Optimized customer service
  • Handles variation in volume, based on seasonality
  • Scalability