Automated SaaS tool

  • Web-based, Cloud hosted
  • Omnichannel
  • Data powered
  • Streamlined return processing
  • Automated decision-making

Quality Graded Returns

  • Segregate returned items into refurbished, rejected & resaleable
  • Tag reason for all QC Fail items along with their photographs
  • Process excess return items with ease

100% Traceability

  • Zero chances of mixing
  • Print appropriate labels for tagging
  • Complete visbility of items being returned to improve planning and execution

Rapid Re-commerce

  • Instant listing of quality passed returned goods back on your sales channels
  • Reduce sales loss opportunity

Faster SPF Claims

  • Easy SPF (Seller Protection Fund) claims processing
  • Capture multiple photographs of the returned item
  • Select the fail reason from a list of predefined reasons
  • Quick reconciliation with marketplaces

Optimize Resale Value

  • Use data fail reason to appropriately monetize returned items
  • Increase value in secondary market

Built-in Reports

  • 100% data visibility
  • Returns data contains a wealth of business intelligence from the supplier’s and the customer’s side
  • Robust return reporting helps create detection and prevention strategies that directly impact the bottom line

Multi-warehouse Returns

  • Returns can be processed through multiple warehouses or stores
  • No operational chaos and improved performance by unifying data across the returns lifecycle

Multi-system integration

  • Quick, standard and custom integrations
  • Seamless integration with just 2 APIs