Superfast deliveries

  • Reduced shipping distance and order transit times
  • Resilient and flexible supply chain

Significant savings on logistics cost

  • Pincode level inventory distribution
  • Fewer air shipments
  • Minimum inter warehouse redistribution

Better exposure and higher sales

  • Boost product visibility on marketplaces by optimizing local demand
  • Increase sales conversion by improving product listings

Lower rate of returns

  • Timely order delivery preventing chances of returns 
  • Rapid re-commerce

Higher margins

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase in sales due to higher customer satisfaction

Automated decision making

  • Zero human decision-making errors
  • Streamlined inventory distribution

Drives sustainability

  • Minimize environmental damage
  • Shorten shipping distance

Faster and flexible deployment

  • Get started in few minutes 
  • Country-wide processing

Based on intelligent algorithms

  • Recommendations based on future demand and supply chain capabilities
  • Consumes only raw data, creates intelligent inputs