Guaranteed business intelligence at NO cost

  • All in one tool for planning, buying & allocation 
  • Get greater control on the inventory to boost sales volume
  • Establish a healthy equilibrium between inventory distribution & regional demand fulfillment
  • Keep no room for errors with quick, accurate & automated decision-making 
  • Enable easy and seamless business scalability

Get insights into online analytics for optimizing product positioning on webpages

  • Prioritize website view by evaluating brand style performance, ASP (Average Selling Price), performance ranking, etc., and market best sellers
  • Analyze sales KPIs; quantity sold, page views, returns report, etc. to boost online sales 
  • Evaluate 6-weeks of post-launch data to determine new styles performance

Turn big data into actionable solutions with powerful business intelligence

  • A single view of inventory, across offline & online channels, to get a comprehensive view of business performance
  • Instantly access and visually analyze, or download, reports at multiple stakeholder levels and reduce manual efforts
  • Evaluate store-specific. attribute-level performance with data rationalization
  • Improve stock turns by maintaining accurate inventory flow