Integration Capabilities

  • 40+ standard APIs built to enable faster integrations with the brand’s ERP and e-commerce portals
  • Less than 30 sec (near real-time) inventory and order sync
  • ~100% inventory exposure from warehouse and stores to all Marketplaces and brand websites

Core System Capabilities

  • Cloud-based solution runs via a web browser and eliminates the need for on-premise software installations.
  • Algorithm-driven order routing and splitting to minimize logistics expense and delivery time. Cluster-based rules to decide nearest order fulfillment locations
  • Ability to measure employee performance (speed, productivity, human errors) at an individual level by capturing granular data with no software coding required to create reports.
  • Ability to capture and send shipment dimensions to logistics 


  • Specifically designed for simplicity and to avoid human mistakes
  • Fully mobile-compatible UI for store fulfillment
  • Fully scan-based UI for warehouse management
  • Simple UX solves the problem of high attrition by reducing the need for skilled manpower
  • Easy UX enables training resources in less than 5-10 minutes

Process improvement

  • Ability to process faster deliveries leading to a better customer experience
  • Image mapping and scan based operations to ensure perfect dispatch resulting and fewer returns
  • Higher productivity because of super-simple UI
  • Prioritization of SLA orders prevents SLA breaches thus improving ratings on sales channels and increasing sales