Build a Healthy Equilibrium Between Inventory Distribution & Regional Demand for Omnichannel Retail

  • Execute superfast deliveries by reducing shipping distance and order transit time
  • Build resilient supply chains
  • Achieve significant savings in logistics with pincode level inventory distribution, fewer air shipments and minimum inter-warehouse redistributions

Increase Sales Conversion by Improving Product Listings on Marketplaces

  • Boost product visibility on marketplaces by optimizing local demand and increasing conversions
  • Lower rate of Returns by timely fulfilling orders and enable rapid re-commerce
  • Automate decision-making with zero human errors and delays

Streamline Inventory Distribution with Automated Decision-Making

  • Drive Sustainability by minimizing environmental damage due to air transport or wastage of excess inventory
  • Enable faster and flexible deployment with country-wide processing
  • Tool consumes only raw data and uses intelligent algorithms to generate actionable insights