Cut down overhead costs

  • Move warehousing operations from a fixed CapEx to a more flexible way of managing expense depending on the market requirements
  • Pay-per-use inventory storage option, with no upfront licensing fee

A single view of all warehouses

  • Get visibility of all warehouses on a single screen for easy and regular process monitoring to drive efficiency and improve productivity.
  • Integrate with multiple marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, and ERPs for seamless multi-channel order fulfillment

Warehouse powered by Cloud based WMS

  • Provide new-age backend technology to manage inventory accurately through unique piece barcoding, improve order fulfillment within SLA, and boost the Rate of Sale on multiple channels.
  • Streamline warehouse operations and meet marketplace SLAs with easy to use and implement WMS

Agility & Flexibility to scale operations

  • Scale warehousing and distribution with anywhere, anytime in less than 7 days.
  • Build flexibility for easy scalability by changing storage space and location as per requirement

Reduce operational risk

  • Outsource critical operations like managing people, processes, and costs
  • Respond quickly to changing demand patterns and market opportunities with distributed warehousing

Keep up with technology

  • Constantly benefit from technology upgrades that happen from time to time free of cost.

Spend less time in warehouse operations

  • Focus on core operations, free up time from handling warehousing operations to managing more strategic tasks.
  • Eliminate the need for hiring or training new staff, during peak season sales

Build sustainable supply chains

  • Demand-wise regional distribution of inventory builds flexibility in business and reduces carbon footprints by limiting transportation.

Reduce inventory carrying costs

  • Leading to faster deliveries to end consumers, lower logistics cost, better NPS, and higher visibility on marketplaces.