Manpower Management

  • Lower manpower cost by 20-25%
  • Less dependency on skilled labour
  • Train employees in 5 mins – high productivity starting from day one. 
  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • It’s automation without robots as it’s quick to deploy and easy to learn

Easy Operations

  • Pen-less, paper-less, keyboard-less processes
  • Allow B2B and B2C order processing from the same platform. 
  • High picking efficiency with consolidated picking and intelligent pick-paths.
  • Ease of deployment runs on any device with a chrome browser
  • 100% foolproof, no human decision making involved.
  • Display product picture during GRN, Picking, and Packing

100% first-time-right operations

  • 100% scan based with UPB integration for complete tracking. 
  • Individual-level performance monitoring
  • 99.9% accuracy, no Audit / Cycle count required
  • 99.9% order fulfillment within SLA

Built for scale

  • Smart, versatile, robust system designed for 100K+ dispatches per day per warehouse
  • High warehouse storage space utilization
  • Dedicated machines enable easy ramp-up
  • Enterprise-grade data security through cloud

Multi-system integration

  • Marketplaces, ERPs
  • Brands own eCommerce website
  • Ecommerce platforms, Salesforce
  • Logistics Management Systems
  • Warehouse Control Systems
  • Store Omni-Channel

Single System for end-to-end operations

  • Channel Integration – Fastest smart formula based inventory exposure across multiple sales channels.
  • Inventory management System – 100% inventory exposure. Complete trackability. Accurate return reconciliation at PO level, invoice level, and box level. 
  • Order management – Order prioritization based on SLA and channel type. Multi-warehousing, Stock-transfer, sales order, and purchase order handling.
  • Reporting System – 50+ insightful & actionable reports. Customized BI Dashboards for each stakeholder level.