Optimize Inventory Distribution for Maximizing Sales

  • True ROS based store style ranking to ensure the best store style combinations are fulfilled
  • Maintain optimum depth for SKUs at each store based on True ROS and required days of cover without any minimum or maximum inputs from the user
  • Identify pivotal and non-pivotal sizes for each store + attribute group combination based on the contribution of sizes

Drive profitability at the store & company level by allocating the right stock at the right location

  • Send differentiated size sets across stores for different articles within the same category by maintaining continuity in the sizes without any input from the user
  • Maintain additional days of cover for top seller styles (identified based on performance) at stores
  • Perform inter store transfers/ Stock consolidation across stores to correct for the loss of sale, the health of inventory, and assortments

Improve Store Inventory Health by Replenishing & Replacing Styles on Time

  • Suggest pullbacks for dead/slow moving inventory from stores to warehouse and replace them with better potential articles
  • Dispatch a collection or story of styles together to a store which needs to be displayed together
  • Maintain different pools of replenishment quantity at the warehouse based on the grade of the style