Smart Assortment Plan

Optimized inventory through the smart assortment planning for different sales channels. one of India’s biggest celebrity-endorsed fashion brands reduced overstocking by defining display norms as per the actual sales patterns. Using IrisX it was able to identify and bet more on top performers at each store and exit buying of non-performing attribute groups. It also redefined stock requirements to optimize initial launch requirements across stores.

Auto-Replenishment System

One of India’s leading formal wear brands used IrisX to manage inventory across multiple sales channels. By predicting the size-wise demand at store category level for discounting season and fresh season launch, it helped maintain healthier inventory at stores with on-time replenishment to contain revenue degrowth. In case of non-availability of a top seller style, the system suggested attribute group mapping to replace it with the closest possible style. Auto replenishment was set up for daily dispatches to maintain lean inventory at the store as per demand.

Smart store-style algorithms

Using smart store-style ranking algorithms, one of India’s leading men’s casual wear brands, distributed inventory across ~120 EBOs based on the Smart Assortment Plan suggested by IrisX. It helped recognize the top seller styles, propose stock cover as per demand, and pulled back poor performing stock to release working capital. IrisX helped the brand identify understock and overstocked scenarios to redistribute inventory, matching the right style to the right store to increase conversion.