Auto-replenishment and Inter-store transfer


current fill-rate in stores after removing non- performing stocks. Previously it was 163%.


reduction in brokenness by eliminating broken stocks & moving it across stores


sales uplift of the transferred stock by moving them in to better performing stores


Maximize overall revenue at stores with the limited inventory at hand by minimizing size cuts and potential stock-outs of fast-moving styles.



  • Iris X indigenous store style ranking method helped in identifying the right placement for the inventory based on the demand out of the 5,475 Store+SKU combinations & through its replenishment & replacement logic, stores were fed healthy inventory (rich in pivotal sizes) from the
    warehouse on time thereby limiting sales loss due to size cuts and stockouts.In the case of fragmented inventory across stores and warehouses or overstocked inventory,the ‘one click’ InterStore Transfers helped in consolidating inventory and placing it in the highest throughput store identified for that particular style again preventing sales loss and maximizing the overall value sales.


  • Optimized fill rate across stores from 163% to 114% by removing the non-performing stock 
  • Reduced Brokenness by 34% by eliminating broken stock and moving it across stores 
  • Experienced sales uplift of ~80% for the transferred stock by moving them to better-performing stores to maximize conversion
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